We offer a wide variety of Pool covers to suit your needs

A quality pool cover will keep your family safe by preventing access to the water when it’s not in use. It also helps reduce evaporation and chemical loss from your pool while keeping debris out of your filter system.

You don’t want to spend all summer cleaning out your pool because of debris that got in there while it was uncovered. With our auto covers, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything will be taken care of when winter comes around again.

Why risk injury or damage to your swimming pool? Get yourself a Pool Cover today! We have covers that fit any size of pool, so there’s one for you no matter what shape or size you need. And the prices are unbeatable – we guarantee you won’t find better deals anywhere else!

Components and Technology Make the Difference

Motors and Mechanisms:

Motors and mechanisms are the toughest on the market today and available exclusively from Cover-Pools.

Track Systems:

Unique track systems are designed to cover virtually any type of pool shape or construction.


Choose between our exclusive laminated Quad-Core™ fabric or coated Pro-Coat™ fabric for reliable pool protection.


Operating your Cover-Pools automatic pool cover is as easy as pressing a button or turning a key.

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