We offer a wide variety of Pool covers to suit your needs

A quality pool cover will keep your family safe by preventing access to the water when it’s not in use. It also helps reduce evaporation and chemical loss from your pool while keeping debris out of your filter system.

You don’t want to spend all summer cleaning out your pool because of debris that got in there while it was uncovered. With our auto covers, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything will be taken care of when winter comes around again.

T4 Versa and T4 Spa

The T4 family of products is the only automatic pool cover system built for high-strength stainless steel cable. Stainless steel cable is more durable and doesn’t stretch or shrink like traditional rope. This means less maintenance including less frequent pool cover adjustments and easier fabric replacements.

At the heart of T4 is an exclusive mechanism and motor built for superior durability, easy installation, maximum adjustability and seamless integration into your pool design. We kept our pool builders in mind when we decided to optimize and simplify our design.

The most advanced automatic cover system is now available for the spa! The T4™ Spa is designed with a smaller offset motor to accommodate a spa footprint (fits 11″ motor side box length) while still providing the ultimate durability and technology that allows for cutting-edge stainless steel cable or traditional rope drive systems. Compatible on spas up to 13′ wide and 20′ long (200 sq. ft.max).

  1. Adjustable Corr-Resist™ End Hub
  2. All Stainless Steel Hardware
  3. Large 1½” Pulleys
  4. Drum Brake
  5. Positive/Sure-Shift Drive
  6. Reel Brake
  7. Auto-Tension Corr-Resist Reels (cable version only)
  8. Vertical Pulleys (poolside)
  9. Reel Diameter Adjustment
  10. Thick Hard-Coated Anodizing on Marine-Grade Aluminum Brackets
  11. Adjustable Bracketry
  12. Offset Motor with Sprocket and Chain Drive

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